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Update July 20th 2015

The application form is now closed


Update April 1st 2015

Welcome to what we hope is the most straightforward admissions process you will come across. This whole section of our web site is intended to provide you with all of the information you need when applying for a place at Urmston Grammar and of course the application form is also on line (available from the beginning of April) as an admissions menu option.


In September 2010 Urmston Grammar became the first selective 'New Academy', effectively a publicly funded independent school. Our admissions policy and processes however have remained unchanged as we maintain our commitment to our local community.

  • The admissions menu takes you to our "admissions timeline" which outlines the stages of application, the calendar dates and which documents and deadlines need to be noted.
  • Our on line application form is all you need to complete to book an entrance examination place.
  • Our "admissions policy" section presents in full our policy for admissions. This is by necessity a somewhat dense policy carefully written to fully meet the statutory "School Admissions Code", (It also lists same the key dates of our timeline).
  • A further section deals with many of the "frequently asked questions" we receive. Do please check through them before phoning us to ask a question.
  • Links to our prospectus are also here for your further information.
  • Our Sixth Form admission policy is included in the "admissions policy" section. Further information may also be found in the "Sixth Form" section of our web site.


Our welcome for new students

Initial arrival and post-induction


Even before arrival at school in September, the pupils take their place in mixed ability forms under the care of a Form Tutor.  The Form Tutor has the responsibility of getting to know each pupil as well as possible. The work of the Form Tutor is organised and co-ordinated by the Head of Lower School and Vice Principal, Mrs. Ball, who has the responsibility for the welfare of pupils in the first three years. Mrs. Ball is the person to inform if your child has a particular medical or other problem.


During the first two weeks, all new pupils take part in our Lakeside experience, a residential aimed at team building, getting to know each other and our staff as well as to have some tremendous fun too. At the foot of this page are some of the captured memories of that amazing experience, the outcome of which is always a sense of belonging to Urmston Grammar and the disappearance of all the worries and fears associated with joining a new school; they just melt away.


Before half-term, at the end of September in the first year, a Post-Induction Evening is held, giving parents the opportunity to let Mrs. Ball and the Form Tutors know if any problems or anxieties have developed over the first few weeks. Of course the telephone is always an option should you need to contact us.